Character Interview: Raedan Clyve

So, I had originally planned on interviewing a yet-unpublished fantasy author who is also the writer for a How-To Worldbuilding blog, but he wasn’t able to get the interview questions back in time so I’m going to wing it and go with a character interview.

So, what’s your name and where are you from?

-I am Raedan Clyve, Baron of Broken Plains in the nation of Ansgar.

Describe yourself.

-I’m six and a half feet tall; my hair is jet black and my eyes are emerald.

Do you have any siblings?

-Yes. I have an older brother and a younger brother and sister.

What makes you special?

When I was young, I was involved in a ritual involving elvish magic and a griffin’s heart. It imbued me with powers that no other man has ever possessed.

What drives you?

-I want to know that my father would be proud of me. He was the biggest influence on my life and was  a great role model.

What are you fighting for?

-I’m fighting for the right to lead my people as I wish, without the interference of a King who is unwilling to help his people when they need it.

Every leader was once a follower in some way. Who did you follow? Did it lead to rise or downfall?

-I followed my older brother, Hadrian. He inherited our father’s territory and I served as his advisor.

What is something that you’ve never been comfortable doing, but have to as a part of your role?

-I’ve never been a military leader. Once I gained the ability to control magic, I was trained to be an advisor, to learn the craft of magic and to exercise that craft. When I was thrust into the role of Baron of Broken Plains, I was forced to learn how to govern a territory and become the military leader of the levies.

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