What’s Up?

When I first decided to take on the project that become known as the Guild Of Dreams, my reasoning behind it was to introduce readers to new authors they may not have otherwise discovered. The hope was that my readers would follow me here and find something they liked in one of the other fabulous writers who make time in their busy schedules to cobble together posts here every couple of weeks, and perhaps their readers would also discover me. In the world of Indie publishing (really, the world of publishing and the world in general, too) word-of-mouth and tag-teaming are two of the best sources of promotion.

For our next round of posts, we take that a step further and each of us (mostly) will be having a guest posting on our behalf (with maybe a few surprises thrown in as well). Another opportunity for you, the reader, to find out about more great fantasy.

So sit back and relax. On Thursday, let the discoverin’ begin.