Guest Post: Celesta Thiessen

Today, I have a guest author, Celesta Thiessen. Celesta writes a variety of fantasy and science fiction for various age groups. She’s written a Halloween story for us from her popular children’s series, Nightcat.

Halloween at Kitty Castle

“Halloween’s coming up soon,” said Princess Keziah. She was eight years old and one of the triplets of Kitty Castle. Kitty Castle was a very old castle at the heart of Kitty Kingdom.

Keziah, her two sisters, her two brothers, and her parents were eating supper around a large wooden table in their beautiful dining room. It was nice being all together again. Their parents had just recently returned from a long quest to find a way to defeat the dragons.

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you about Halloween,” said her mother. The queen looked at her children sadly. “There’s only enough candy left for each of you to have one piece.”

“The dragons burned up all the sugar beet crops. So there is no sugar in the entire kingdom. Candy can’t be made without sugar. Halloween will have to be cancelled this year,” said her father, the king.

“Oh, no!” said Princess Celesta. “Not cancelled! Halloween’s my favorites holiday!”

“There’s nothing else to do,” said her mother. “You can’t have Halloween without candy.”

“We could give out cat treats,” suggested David. Everyone around the table laughed. “What’s so funny? All the cats would love to go trick-or-treating with their owners.” David was the youngest of the children. He was only five years old.

The princesses giggled again. “But I wanted to go trick-or-treating, riding on Charcoal,” said Keziah, “and I already decided what I’m going to be. A princess!” Everyone laughed.

“I made my costume already,” said Priscilla. “I’m going to be a cat. We can’t just cancel Halloween!”

Richard leaned over and whispered to his brother and sisters, “Don’t worry. We’ll think of something.” Richard was their older brother. He was eleven.

At the end of the meal, the queen gave each of the children a different treat. “This is all the candy that’s left in the whole kingdom. Try to enjoy it, children. You deserve to have it after the good work you did, saving the kingdom from the dragons.”

“I get a mini candy cane?” asked David. “Seriously? That’s not a Halloween treat!”

“I’ll eat it if you don’t want it,” said Richard.

“Oh, that’s ok. I’m not complaining. I like candy canes!” David grabbed his candy as Richard reached for it.

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