Not Just Another New Year’s Post

by Bruce Blake

I sat down to write this post with ideas floating around in my head…refelctions on the past year, thoughts for the future. But, as I pondered, two things happened. First, I got confused (as I often do). Do I reflect on my own year? The Guild’s? Make a general post? As these confused notions circled the drain that is my mind (not a gutter as you may have thought after reading some of my work), the second thing happened: I realized Emily had already done a New Years-ish post and did it far better justice than I could hope to do.

So I’m not writing about resolutions or regrets, goals or…what’s another g-word to keep that pattern going? Grapes? Glory? Never mind.

Instead, I’m going to touch on the concept of thoughts circling through a writer’s mind. One of the things that happened to me this year was that I transitioned from being a full-time writer back into the work-a-day life (hopefully a temporary thing). Managing my thoughts has been one of the major chaleenges of making this transition.

You see, when I was writing full-time, my mind was engaged with my stories every waking moment, and often in my sleep. Obviously, I was involved when I was writing (which worked out to around 6 hours/day), but the stories stuck with me the rest of the time without me having to put in an effort to make them do so.

Things are a little different now.

Getting back to a job–and a new job with a hefty learning curve, at that–I have to force my mind back to whatever I’m working on. The writing hours are greatly reduced and suddenly there are other things to usurp my thoughts and attention while I’m going about my day. If I don’t grab my brain by its lapels and give it a good shake, it might not even get around to wandering back to Horace and Ailyssa, Teryk and Danya, and all the rest of the characters waiting for me in the world of the Small Gods and its newly begun  book 3 (And Night Descends, for those of you who are interested).

Luckily, it’s a land I love, so going back to it is never a chore, just something I have to remember to do. Having said that, I’m open to pointers. I know I used to know how to do it…the entire Khirro’s Journey trilogy and the first two Icarus Fell books were written while I was working full-time. What do the rest of you do to keep yourself engaged when life threatens to take over? What are your secrets?

And, by the way…HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Bruce Blake is a once and future full-time writer who just wants to unleash the thoughts in his head on an unsuspecting world, one book at a time. Visit him on his blog to find out more.


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