Another Book Release: The Darkness Comes

by Bruce Blake

Contrary to the way indie authors are taught to do things, I snuck the release for THE DARKNESS COMES (The Second Book of the Small Gods) completely under the radar. It’s already been out for five days with no promotion, no fanfare, and no hoopla. Since that didn’t seem to really do the trick, I thought it was time to tell everyone it was out. Read on to find out more…


When shadows fall, the darkness comes…

A disgraced Goddess Mother wanders blind and alone, praying for her agony to end. When aa helpful apostle finds her, could it really be salvation, or does worse torment lie ahead?

A sister struggles to understand a prophecy that may not be meant for her while her brother fights for his life. If the firstborn child of the rightful king dies, will it spell the end for everyone?

Darkness and shadow creep across the land in the form of a fierce clay golem animated by its sculptor’s blood. It seeks a mythical creature whose sacrifice portends the return of ancient evil banished from the world long ago. With its return will come the fall of man.

As the game unfolds, the Small Gods watch from the sky, waiting for their time to come and for their chance to rise again. They wait for he fall of shadows, the coming of the darkness.

They wait for night to descend



Available on:


Barnes & Noble


Read a review of THE DARKNESS COMES on Ella Medler’s blog

***Please Note*** THE DARKNESS COMES is the Second Book of the Small Gods. It is required to read WHEN SHADOWS FALL (The First Book of the Small Gods) first to understand the book’s storyline.


WHEN SHADOWS FALL is available from Kindle for only 99 cents until Jan. 6/14

WHEN SHADOWS FALL (The First Book of the Small Gods)

WHEN SHADOWS FALL (The First Book of the Small Gods)

Read a review of WHEN SHADOWS FALLon Ms. Nose in a Book’s Blog.


Bruce Blake if the author of nine novels and a collection of short stories. Follow him on his blog for occasional musings.


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