Book Review: Heir to the Luima Legacy by Gabrielle Poplar

By Autumn M. Birt

Because I always do things out of order (working on the house I’m building my recent favorite saying is ‘first things second’), I read book 2 in Gabrielle Poplar’s Luima Legacy Series. And to give Ms. Poplar credit, I wasn’t too terribly lost! There were a few bits I had to take on faith that I’d figure it out eventually, and I did. So kudos to her for writing a book that even though I was a little lost since I started in the middle of a series, it was interesting enough to keep me going!

Which is why I’m here writing about it so that you too can take a look. Maybe in the correct order! 🙂

First, I should at least give you the blurb for the book itself:

Heir to the Lumina LegacySome people advance beyond their wildest aspirations, and other people descend lower than the expectations of their family and friends. Such was the story of Meryl and Nestor.

Meryl became the King of the Luima because of a series of events that revealed his true ancestry. He also found out that he was the first son of Prince Finnegan, heir to the throne of Bahadi. The Prince had another son, Nestor, who had been abducted by King Arpad of Estruchi. Nestor’s uncle and a few nobles determined to maintain Nestor’s position in the Bahadi line of succession declared Meryl to be a bastard King, and they recruited a cult of assassins to remove him. The internal feud in the Bahadi royal family was exploited by King Arpad, who convinced the dissenting Bahadi Lords to side with him in launching a war against the dominant Bahadi kingdom. 

The choices made by Nestor, and the resolutions made by Meryl would determine who would become the Heir to the Luima Legacy.

Yes, this is sword and sorcery with its own unique flavor. There is magic, assassins, battles, political intrigue… if you are a fan of the genre you’ll enjoy this series. After reading book 2 (I still have yet to go back and read book 1, but I will!), this is what I had to say:

First, if you haven’t read book 1, Custodian of the Luima Legacy, start with it to get the full depth of this lovely book and series. Book 2, begins with immediate immersion to the aftermath of events in book 1. Characters are strong and without the background from book 1, the reader will be a little lost. However, if you just have to jump right in, book 2 is a great read and a careful reader will quickly pick up the story if not the details of prior events. You just have to read book 1 for those!

A battle has been won and an heir and powerful sword captured, but the war has not truly begun. The fate of kingdoms grows on the reunion of a father with a lost son amid the threat of a guild of elite assassins. This story is full of building tension which finally breaks late in the book. I can only describe the story as quickly engrossing as you follow the characters through trials in which they must rise to become something greater, something that destiny has called them to be.

Though I would describe the book as sword and sorcery, the powers are very unique. The story line is a refreshing change from rehashed plots of the typical genre. The only drawback I can see is that there tends to be a little too much ‘tell’ versus ‘show’. A character will often think about doing an action and then go and do it, leaving me feeling slightly removed from the subsequent action. The omniscient viewpoint works in the story without too much head hopping, giving greater detail than a third or first person viewpoint would allow. I was never lost on which character was being followed in the story. 

If you are a fan of epic fantasy or sword and sorcery books with a bit of romance set amid the rise and fall of Kingdoms, this is the series for you. I recommend this book for a captivating read full of captivating details and fresh ideas.

Well, if that doesn’t make you at least want to take a peak then you really are a tough audience!

– Autumn is the author of the epic fantasy series the Rise of the Fifth Order. Books 1, Born of Water, and 2, Rule of Fire, are available now. Book 3, Spirit of Life, will be available late 2013. You can also find her goofing off online (when not building her house) on Twitter at @weifarer or on her Facebook page and on Goodreads.


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