A Difficult Mirror

A Difficult Mirror by Benjamin X. WretlindI’m getting ready to go under the knife in a few days, but I’ve already outlined my intentions for my 6-8 week recovery: polish and publish a look behind the veil.

I started my first novel, A Difficult Mirror, back in the late 1990s, finished it in the mid-2000s and have been polishing constantly. To give you a taste, here’s the original blurbage:

All too often, the most difficult thing to look at is the mirror in front of you. While it is easy–though cowardly–to walk away, Harlan Reese and Marie Matthews quickly find that option isn’t available.

Four-year-old Justine is lost to the world, and with her, a gift that might reset the wheel of time. However, there are far too many who would rather she stay lost forever. When Marie meets a strange man on a deserted road and a body is found mutilated in the desert, a deep resentment teeters on the edge of release. Someone, somewhere has drawn a line in the sand, and when Harlan, Marie’s ex-lover, enters a forest in central Arizona looking for his daughter, that line will be crossed.

In a world between Heaven and Hell, the past becomes the present as Harlan and Marie find each other once again. Sometimes, though, the most difficult thing to look at is the mirror in front of you. Their journey across an unforgiving land to find the way home with Justine by their side is wrought with pain and triumph.

I’ll be updating the blurbage as I work through my recovery, along with a few other changes that will really stand out. There’s something unique about this novel, and although it stands in between fantasy and reality, this novel will really stand out to the masses.

And by masses I mean MASSES. 🙂

Am I being egotistical? Of course! I’ve also been living with these characters for years. That will be another post, because when you live with someone–fictional or not–for years and years and years, you really get to know them.


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