Photographing Fantasy #2

A few months ago I posted here about the lure of the outdoors, and how it pertained to writing epic and high fantasy.  Even in work as dark as my own, fantasy seems to always embody a bit of that “green” aspect — the return to nature, to simpler times, before technology and those stupid humans managed to ruin everything and burn down all of the trees.  (The Lorax would have made a fine vengeful druid, if you think about it.)  Even epic fantasies that take place in a more urban setting are often featured against a backdrop of nature being overtaken by progress, of what had once existed peacefully being overshadowed by the dark specter of progress.

But it all starts with that natural wonder.  Getting outdoors is terrific fuel for the fantasy-writer’s brain, so once again I present to you some highlights from my family’s recent nature-hopping adventures here in the Northwest, searching for goblins, dragons, dark faeries, and whatever else might be lurking out there in those deep, dark forests…

Khazad-dum's Little Brother

Khazad-dum’s Little Brother

I was almost disappointed when Dark Elves DIDN'T jump down on us from those trees...

I was almost disappointed when Dark Elves DIDN’T jump down on us from those trees…

The fires of Heaven.

The fires of Heaven.

Three Seers

Three Seers

Lair of the Bog Beast

Lair of the Bog Beast

On Stony Shores

On Stony Shores

A Dragon! (Oh...wait...)

A Dragon! (Oh…wait…)

A Dragon!

A Dragon!


Steven Montano is an accountant by day and an author by night.  Sadly, he doesn’t own a superhero costume.  He’s also hopelessly addicted to books, films, music and video games, the darker the better.

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5 comments on “Photographing Fantasy #2

  1. I agree with you nature is the natural remedy for mind fuzz. It clears the thoughts and brings forth a gratefulness to self and life itself. Love the pictures…. I saw it ll enfold.

  2. You are so going to make me dig out the photo I have of a dragon flying above a decaying castle that I managed to take while on the moors in England! First, I have to find the photo…it was in the era before digital cameras (gasp)!

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