Spring Break Bash: Save on YA Fantasy

I interrupt your regularly scheduled program to tell you about a group promo I’m participating in with eight other authors. From April 11th-14th, our young adult fantasy books will be only 99 cents (and one or two of them are free!) We’re also having a giveaway for a basket of books, swag, and candy, and a gift card!

For some of you, these reads will be a welcome distraction from the rain outside. For others, you will get sucked into our books and think, ‘I should be out in the sunshine!’ Whatever the case, you hope you enjoy the stories.

Check out the books!


PARANORMAL (also a catch-all 😉 There is an urban fantasy and a dystopian here)


Enter the giveaway for a chance to win books, gift cards, swag, and more!

Our participating authors: Cate Dean, Shana Norris, Selina Fenech, Jeroen Steenbeeke, Elizabeth Baxter, Anna Kyss, Valerie Gillen, Katherine Pine, and me, Emily Ann Ward! Visit our website for more info about the giveaway and our books. Be sure to spread the word if you know anyone who might be interested. We’ll be tweeting with the hashtag #springbookbash so maybe we’ll see you around!

By Emily Rapoza Posted in Promo

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