Spring: Bring it on!

The sap is running here in Maine. Every maple tree has at least one tap and bucket hung from it. Chickadees raucously greet the overcast dawn. I know one of these evenings I’ll hear spring peepers down by the stream.

This time of year as the snow melts and the roads clear, I itch to get out my motorcycle.

I’ve found myself spreading out maps and looking for new roads to traverse, especially as the rumors of U.S. government furloughs growing (my current day gig is with them). I wonder if they’ll “give” me enough time off I can make it to Vancouver? Bruce promised me a cookie.

What does any of this have to do with writing? For me, a lot.

One of my favorite motorcycling pictures: me framed in my husbands mirror along the Gaspe cliffs.

One of my favorite motorcycling pictures: me framed in my husband’s mirror along the Gaspe cliffs.

There is something about the awakening of life that stirs more than my wanderlust. My entire psyche alters. Gone is the desire to daydream through winter snows. You see there is no space for inattentiveness or indecision on a motorcycle. Daydreaming = death, it really is that simple. Gearing up is about more than putting on a helmet. Heck, you want a lesson in zen mindfullness? It’s called rush hour on two wheels!

With my mind changing and thoughts snapping into focus, my writing alters too. In the winter, daydreams of fantasy adventures blanket my mind like the snow. Summer, not so much. I want action, blood, death, bullets cracking and romance so tense it will light a page on fire. Not very ladylike, I know. I did mention I ride a motorcycle, didn’t I? And it is even a dirt bike. 😉

So, the final book in my epic fantasy trilogy, Spirit of Life, may have to wait until fall. Don’t get me wrong, I love the characters and the story, but I don’t know if I will do the plot justice right now. Or it might just take a very apocalyptic turn, hmmm . . . .  Not to mention with hiking, motorcycling, camping, gardening (death to all weeds!), that house building thing I thought was such a great idea last year all going on, my time devoted to writing, already too small, plummets.

Instead of seeing that as an obstacle, I’m trying to use it to my advantage. The book I hope to work on after Spirit of Life is not epic fantasy. Think ravaged society after a future war nearly annihilates the world set in what remains of Europe. So with short writing periods, intense focus, and a new type of story on my mind, I’m thinking I might switch over to some short stories. I could develop the new novel a bit more while getting to know the characters. Plus, it would get all those destructive needs out of my system.

If some ideas for Spirit of Life happens to find inspiration, I certainly will encourage it. I really look forward to spending another 90,000 words or so with them. And after all, even summer has its rainy days fit for hazy dreams.

-Autumn is the author of the epic fantasy novel Born of Water and its Novel Companion and most recently the compilation of adventure travel stories Danger Peligros! All are available at Amazon, Smashwords, and other retailers of e-novels.


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