My Half-Baked Ideas

I have always had trouble with finishing stories. Even though I was penning stories as soon as I understood a sentence, I was probably 11 when I finished my first one. This is mostly because new ideas for stories are constantly hitting me and I get distracted by starting a new one! I think it’s hilarious because every time I try to think up a new blog post for my blog (or for free topics here on the Guild of Dreams), I just blank. I could write a thousand 400-word ideas for a new novel, but a blog post? Oh, boy.

I thought I’d combine my love for ideas and my ever-shortening attention span and tell you about all the current ideas I have in my head. Stories I’ve only gotten a few thousand words in that have seized my attention when I should have been concentrating on Promising Power or Impact or The Revolutionary. In all honest, probably only one–if that–of these ideas will make it, but I can’t help but let them take me somewhere for a little while before I return to the stories I can actually see to completion.

Also, if you’re a writer who has trouble coming up with ideas or if you’re a reader who has ever wanted to write, you can visit different story/character/idea generators below! Just scroll past all the half-baked ideas 😉

Bullied girl voted prom queen as a prank — YA Contemporary

I read an article about a young girl named Whitney Kropp who was voted prom queen as a prank by some of the kids at her school. She took it hard at first, but then the community rose up around her. They paid for her limo, her dress, her hair and make-up, and they made her prom night awesome. I thought, THAT WOULD BE SUCH A COOL STORY. I was even going to throw in a romance. Maybe something unexpected like the brother of the girl who orchestrated her bullying, or maybe with a friend she’d had all along and never noticed in that way.

I haven’t written a word of the story. Just daydreamed about it every now and then.

Girl migrates to a utopia despite dangers — YA Post-Apocalyptic

This story was inspired by the documentary Which Way Home, which was about children from Latin America trying to migrate to the US. I started to think. . .what if my characters were migrating in a post-apocalyptic world to the utopia of the world? Maybe it was a gated city or something, but the point is they are barred from this place and they lack basic resources and opportunities this city has.

So, it came out to this: Kellie wants to get medicine for her mother and is determined to travel North to the city of Elysium to get it, risking cannibals, harsh weather, and other dangers of her post-apocalyptic world. I even wrote a first chapter!

Girl with powers has a strange family history — YA Paranormal

I got the idea for this story during my long trips to and from school. I drove through all these pretty neighborhoods that were nearly overgrown with bush and trees and foliage. Somehow, I got the idea of a girl moving to my town because of powers she has and showed back in her hometown. Aspects of my series The Protectors kind of melded together with Brigid Kemmerer’s Elemental series so that there was some kind of arrangement her (magical) father had with another (magical) family, but he married Audrey’s mom instead and made everyone mad. And somehow this comes back to bite Audrey in the butt as she tries to make friends and kind of falls in love with a guy wrapped up in that magical family who hates her.

Oy vey, this isn’t making any sense, is it? The 10,000 words or so that I wrote were better than this, I promise!

Make Your Own!

Need some new ideas for your own stories? Just want to waste some time? Here are some great story idea generators for you to play around with:

Seventh Sanctum — has all kinds of generators. Plots, characters, setting, and more.
Scene Generator & Character Generator — simple php scripts on my website. Just refresh for more ideas and combinations!
Archetype’s Idea Generators — start a story or give your character depth!
TV Trope’s Story Idea Generator — gives you the basics of setting, plot, hero, villain, etc (in the form of TV Tropes, yay!)

Have fun! And wish me luck with some of these new ideas. . .and the ones I need to actually finish!

By Emily Rapoza Posted in Writing

3 comments on “My Half-Baked Ideas

  1. I love this, Emily. I like to jot things like this down, as well…only I’ll forget about them, happen upon the notes months later, and not have a clue what the heck I’d planned to do with them. ;d

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