The Stuff You Don’t See

Before I became a writer, I never really stopped to think about all of the work that might go into publishing a novel.

But now that I’m a self-published writer, I’ve come to realize that this business is a lot of work.

As self-published writers, our first task is obviously writing. One of the best promotional tools, if you ask some, is to write more books. So we sit in front of a computer, we plot (some of us, others just fly by the seat of their pants), and we write. We build worlds, create people, kill them (sometimes), and take them on adventures.

But in the age of the internet, audiobooks, twitter, facebook, google+, blogging, forums, and a dozen other marketing avenues that I probably haven’t heard of, we’re not just author, we’re publisher, marketing director, art director and salesperson.

This was never more obvious to me than recently.

In addition to writing my second novel, The Hydra Offensive, I decided to launch a Kickstarter Campaign to get my first novel, The Cerberus Rebellion, into print. So I went through the process of getting that set up. Now, in addition to marketing for my novel, I’ve got to market for the Kickstarter Campaign. I even created a short video for the campaign:

Then, to add yet another log to the fire, I found a narrator willing to work with me on a Royalty Share basis through to create an audiobook. This has turned out to be even  more work than I had imagined. I’ve got to listen to the rough drafts of each chapter, jot down notes for the narrator, send them back and then listen to the edited/rerecorded results.

So don’t let anyone tell you that writing is easy.

How has writing and being a published or self-published author been different than you had expected? Is it as much work as you expected, or more?


2 comments on “The Stuff You Don’t See

  1. When I first started out in self-publishing, I was nearly overwhelmed by promo alone, but I’ve found that it is like many other things…once you get used to it and get organized, things start going more smoothly.
    I wish I had the problem of putting an audiobook together, but ACX is not available to us lowly Canadians. If anyone has any other suggestions for me on that subject, I’m all ears.

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