And Now It’s Time For: The Take A Plot, Leave A Plot Tray…

Though I’ve never actually read one of his novels, I’d like to say that I’m a huge admirer of Stephen King. Why? Because the man is incredibly productive. I once glanced at a list of King’s published works that included the page numbers of every book he’d ever written, and worked out that the man must have written, on average, three pages of text every day of his adult life. I, alas, am nowhere near that productive: if I manage to write out one page of semi-coherent text then I feel like I’ve accomplished something, and there are plenty of days I don’t come even close to managing that.

For this reason alone I am fairly confident that, unlike Mr King, I’m never going to take up a whole shelf of space in the local Barnes & Noble. I’m just not going to able to write that many books. Which is kind of a pity because I know that I’m not going to come anywhere close to getting through all the interesting ideas for stories that I’ve dreamt up over the years.

So I thought that it’d be fun to post some ideas for stories that I think are pretty good but that I know I’m probably never going to have time to write (or that I think could be handled better by somebody else). And I’ll invite everyone else to do the same: have you ever had an interesting idea that you nonetheless know you’re not the right person for, or figure you’ll simply never get around to? If so post it here. Think of it as a take a penny, leave a penny tray at a convenience store, except for story ideas.

(Note: This is obviously just for fun, not a formal abandonment of intellectual property. If you still want to write out your plot go ahead. Also the stories don’t necessarily have to be fantasies.)

Idea One:

Note that this one requires a little background: During WWII Allied intelligence did an extremely good job of feeding false information to the Nazis. Most spectacularly (IMHO) the Germans were actually convinced by allied intelligence that the First US Army Group (which in reality didn’t exist) had been stationed in Kent, and would launch an attack against Calais–when the Allies invaded Normandy, the D-Day landings were thought by the Germans to be a feint rather than the main Allied attack…)

During WWII Allied intelligence learns that the Nazis are planning a special forces raid to rescue a captured German general, who is being held in an area where the allies want to convince the Germans that an army that doesn’t really exist is stationed. The allied high command decides to let the German general be rescued in a way that convinces the attacking Germans that they’re snatching the German general out from under the noses of an entire army that doesn’t exist. A group of highly eccentric British intelligence officers have to figure out a way to pull off the ruse. Sort of a Dirty Dozen in reverse.

Idea Two:

A group of slaves in the antebellum South try to trick their very religious master in releasing them by convincing him that God will afflict him with a series of Biblical plagues if he doesn’t. A chase sequence and a major American river will obviously feature prominently in the denoument.

Idea Three:

(Actually I just thought of this one recently after stumbling across the legend it’s based on in a guidebook…) An Incan princess launches a rebellion against the Spanish who have recently conquered South America. And everything goes great. Until of course she falls for a Spaniard…


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