New Release!!! The Witch’s Eye (Blood Skies, Book 5)

Kick off 2013 by loading up your e-reader with Book 5 in the Blood Skies saga, wherein Cross and his hapless team are forced to halt the threat of the deadly new breed of vampire known as the Witchborn.  Get Blood Skies (Book 1) FREE, and grab The Witch’s Eye (and the rest of the series) at the newly reduced price of just $3.99!!!

Join the war against the vampires!

The Witch’s Eye (Blood Skies, Book 5)

A new evil is born.

The Ebon Cities have created a deadly new breed of undead called the Witchborn, whose very existence spells doom for the entire continent.

To make matters worse, a nihilist cult called the Black Circle has learned of the Witch’s Eye, the source of the Witchborn virus and an item capable of opening a portal to The Black.

Eric Cross’s scattered and war-weary team must find the Eye before it’s too late.  With the aid of some unlikely allies, the mercenaries will fight their way across the wastelands and challenge the horrors at the edge of oblivion.

And before the battle is won Cross and his team will make the ultimate sacrifice, and face one of their own…

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05 The Witch's Eye


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