Getting Back Into the Swing…

The holiday season is busy for everyone, family visitings, presents to buy, and wrap, and play with. For the last few years, the Holiday season has been a time sink that has made it virtually impossible to do any writing. Either I’m working one job and taking overtime, or I’m working two jobs like a madman. But December tends to be the month where I get nothing done.

Well, now it’s January. The holiday hangover has dissipated, jobs are settled in and I’m ready to get back to writing. I still have so much on my plate, but I’m ready to jump in full force and tackle my workload.

I’ve only started building the Griffins and Gunpowder Universe: I’ m one book, four short stories and one novella-in-beta into this universe, with so much more planned. If I work at it, I expect to have at least one more book ready before the end of this year.

We’ll see how that goes! What’s on your plate this year? Ready to get back at it after the holiday rush?


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