December Fundraiser

Everyone is posting about family and holiday, and things that make us feel fuzzy. This is the season a lot of people feel convicted to give, maybe because they realize how blessed they are and they want to spread the good cheer. I think it’s awesome and I just may be here to prey on your holiday good cheer!

No, seriously, as an author, I do a fundraiser once a month for a cause I want to support. I donate a portion of my sales on the 11th and 12th of the month. Last month, I did my local Salvation Army, and this month, I’m donating to Mukhtar Mai Women’s Organization.

Mukhtar Mai is an amazing, resilient woman from Pakistan who was gang-raped in a Pakistani court for restitution for her brother’s alleged sexual crimes. Although everyone expected her to kill herself, she went to the police instead. Although she still hasn’t received justice, she started an organization for women and girls. Mukhtar Mai Women’s Organization runs schools for both boys and girls, a women’s shelter, and a resource center. They advocate for women’s rights around the world in conferences and in the community.

I think it is awesome that Mukhtar Mai refused to be simply a victim—she has used her story to raise awareness and to change things for women in her community.

On the 11th and the 12th, I will donate 100% of my profits from my 99 cent sales. Right now, I’m participating in the Winter Escapes Promo so I currently have quite a few 99 cent titles available ranging from YA Fantasy to short story collections. If you decide to buy these on Amazon, 35 cents will go to the organization. Through Smashwords, it’s about 65 cents.

For anything above 99 cents, I will donate 50% of my profits. This includes paperbacks through Amazon and Createspace. These can be great gifts for teens or young adult readers in your life!

You can find my books on:
Barnes & Noble
Kobo (find direct links on my website)
iBooks (find direct links on my website)
Diesel ebooks

(Please keep in mind when you’re shopping: I don’t see any of the profits from the two anthologies from Chamberton Publishing: Gaslight and Love, Me)

Please consider buying a couple books for the Mukhtar Mai Women’s Organization! If you can’t at this point, you can spread the word about this foundation and about my fundraiser. Share on whatever social media you frequent and let’s help women’s education and the fight for equal rights in Pakistan!


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