Interview with a Demon

After running around like a demon with my hair on fire… wait: I am a demon and my hair has been on fire before…nothing new there, I finally managed to make my “maker” sit down and talk to me. You see, she’s interviewed writers in the past, she’s even interviewed me, but I wanted to turn the tables on her. Even though she’s been interviewed by other writers in the past, I wanted to talk to her from the viewpoint of the created. So here you go, sit back and relax for a bit while I grill her… um, I mean talk to her and let you in on the grimy little details that make her tick.

Alexander: Hey, first of all, I’d like to thank you for letting me realize my dreams and come to earth.

Tami: No problem, Alexander. I felt your pain.

Alexander: Did you really? I mean do you feel all your characters experiences?

Tami: Sure, to a degree. Of course, when your hair is on fire (or other things), or a character gets hurt, I don’t bleed, or get hurt, but if I can’t feel all the pain, excitement, sadness, fear, anxiety, joy and desire my characters do, how can I expect readers to?

Alexander: Interesting, what about what you feel when you read? Do you feel the same things in other books you read that aren’t your own? And do you read much?

Tami: I love to read. I am a quick reader so that helps, but I do have more trouble finding the time now. Yes, however, when I read I feel the same things—hopefully—that I feel when it’s my own writing. If I don’t, it’s not a book I would recommend to others.

Alexander: What are you most afraid of in your professional life?

Tami: Besides you?

Alexander: Oh, now, that’s not nice. I’ve always been good to you.

Tami: For a demon, but yeah, you’ve always been pretty cool to hang with. As for my professional fears, I don’t know if they’re fears persay, but as I get older, having passed the 50 mark, I worry that I won’t get all of the things I want to do done. I think that may be why I work so many hours even though it isn’t necessarily needed at the moment. There’s so much I want to get done.

Alexander: Do you think you’ll ever stop writing?

Tami:  Do you think you’ll ever shut up and let me? Not just you of course, all of you. There are times, like the other night when characters are so insistent I can’t even sleep and I have to get up and write what they say or lose it.

Alexander: How do you get all that out?

Tami: I see it like a movie in my head and I just write what I see.

Alexander: Any favorite characters?

Tami: Present company excluded, because you know you are my all time favorite, I like Gabe in “Dark Side of the Moon.”Not a perfect man, but full of every emotion and has a lot on his plate to deal with.

Alexander: I’ll have to pay him a visit.

Tami: Don’t you dare. Not because I think you’ll do anything to him, although that’s always a concern, but more because I don’t think I could handle the two of you together. That’s enough for now though, because I think I hear another of my characters calling. Have a great night, Alexander, and I hope to see you and all the rest of the wild bunch in my head when I dream. It would be a lonely life without you all.

Tami Parrington is a freelance writer and author of seven novels including Hell’s Own. Check out Hell’s Own on at


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