New Book!


Hey everyone. I’ve just published a new book to Amazon entitled Oh God, What Now? Humorous Reporting From A Brave New Century. The book is essentially a loving tribute to the Onion, and features fictitious news stories poking fun at politicians, Republicans, college graduates, sex educators, Republicans, monkeys, Twihards, Oregonians, James Joyce, Republicans, Episcopalians, unicyclists, nudists and the state legislature of Wyoming (which is mostly composed of Republicans).
It’s not quite fantasy, but if anyone is looking for a good laugh, check it out. To get a sense of the content, just check out my post below entitled ‘A Loving Tribute To The Onion.’
(Note: Contains adult themes and some course language. In other words teenagers should enjoy it.)


Also I’m going to be doing a free giveaway for the book on Amazon on Sunday, Sept 2nd.






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