FanFiction – Where Do You Stand

As Indie/Self-Pub Authors continue to gain traction, a topic that I’ve seen covered more frequently of late is the question of FanFiction.

For the uninitiated, FanFiction is when someone takes the settings and/or characters from an established world and put them into situations that didn’t happen in their original setting. This ranges from completely new characters and plots that just happen to use the world-building of an existing franchise, to more adult-leaning erotic pairings of characters that never got together in their original environment.

Opinions on FanFic run from completely enthusiastic and even openly supportive, at least one author over on KindleBoards has suggested that he’ll be opening his tech-bibles and worldbuilding information so that people can write FanFic in his universe. The other end of the spectrum includes authors that don’t want anyone “diluting” their worlds with FanFic.

I got my internet start with FanFic. While I started my writing on paper at around 13, my first internet postings were Starcraft (1) fanfics. They were short stories that were set off of the main-line of the story and they weren’t very good.

Later, I wrote stories for an Andromeda-themed erotic fanfic website and received several user-awards.

My last major foray into fanfic was an Andromeda/FarScape crossover. I ended that one at around 60k words and it was extremely popular with the readerbase. While I used most of the original cast from both of the series, I took them completely off-script and developed a new story-line. I also had to write up most of the world because I set the world in the FarScape Universe and there was never a lot of that world exposed during the series.

Given that history, I’m pro-FanFiction. For new writers, it’s a way for them to get into writing without having to do the heavy lifting of world-building. They can work on improving their prose and storytelling.

Personally, I’d be flattered to have someone write fanfiction in my world (and I’ve definitely made a large-enough world for it), but where do you stand on it as readers and writers?

20 comments on “FanFiction – Where Do You Stand

  1. Some of the Fanfic out there is pretty amazing and I personally am grateful to the authors out there who allow their stories to built upon or altered. It can help some people open their minds to the possibility of becoming a writer and others an opportunity to continue reading about some of their favorite characters and worlds after the original story ended.

  2. I don’t really know what I think about fan fiction, to be honest. I don’t really appreciate it much, because it’s generally badly written and doesn’t hold to the integrity of the original story.
    Maybe I’ve just seen waay too much erotic fiction about Hermione and Dobby…

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  5. Honestly I think that writing fan fiction is just about the greatest complement that a reader could give a writer–if a reader though enough about one of my works to expand upon it and use it as a base for their own creativity, then I’d be thrilled.

    Of course if someone decided to use one of my books as a basis for erotica it’d be pretty weird, but heck I don’t have to read it…

  6. I am a writer and I would be absolutely flattered if somebody chose to write in my universe. And it is a very big universe (multiverse actually) with room for fantasy and sci-fi, so the possibilities are almost endless.

    It’s probably also a great form of marketing there.

    in fact, if people want to write stuff, I’d make a special page on my website for them.

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  9. I enjoy a well written fan fic when it’s written to go along with a show or movie. But I tend to run into to many that are poorly written and really have nothing to do with the idea of the show/movie other than having the characters name. It’s like some of these people never even watched the show they are writing for.

    I don’t go for porn in fic, especially where the whole story seems to center around it. I have seen it written in where it can fit into the story but when the whole thing centers around it, it’s just awful.

    But my one biggest problem is when I run across fic that takes the names of real life actors from the shows and turns them into some sick porn story. There’s a line I think should not be crossed.

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