My Top Four Favorite Fantasy Authors

I like to make lists. Here are my top four favorite fantasy authors. You may notice that two are young adult authors and two are classic fantasy authors from the mid 1900s. It’s funny that they’re so different, but I love their fiction equally!

JK Rowling

The Harry Potter series will probably always be my favorite series. Sometimes I read the earlier books and see a lot of the things that we as writers are warned against (adverbs galore, dialogue tags other than ‘said’, telling instead of showing), and it is really interesting to see how her writing progressed through the series. These seven books showcase amazing plotting, characterization, and setting. She weaves together magic, humor, lovable characters, and themes such as courage, loyalty, and love into a truly remarkable series. This series is the main reason I am the writer and reader I am today.

Samantha Young

Samantha Young writes a variety of YA/Paranormal/Urban Fantasy books. Her books are addicting! She has interesting, unique plots with lots of romantic tension, great character building, and a good dose of humor. She’s an author I’ve discovered only in the last few years, so she’s the newest of this list.

JRR Tolkien

I’m sure you’ve heard of this author 😉 I’ll be honest: I’ve only read the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, so I don’t have much experience with his other works. But those four books are full of imaginative world-building and epic plots. I love his sense of humor and how much detail he put into his creative worlds. These are books I read after seeing the movie (except for the third book — I read that one before the third movie came out), and I seriously love both forms of the story.

CS Lewis

The Chronicles of Narnia are some of the earliest fantasy books I remember reading. I got my very own set when I was really young (same as the picture! I love the art), and I read them to my sister before we went to bed. We watched the old BBC version and eagerly awaited the new ones. My favorite of the series is the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, but the movie was just all right (to me). I loved the first two, though. This series is so great, though. Nostalgic, imaginative, plus I love the religious allegories. Again, they’re the only fantasy works I’ve read by Lewis, so I can’t judge his Space Trilogy or other works.

Four might seem like a strange number, but honestly, I had five but I couldn’t decide on the fifth author. Susan Bischoff, Brigid Kemmerer, Kelley Armstrong, Michael Sullivan, Walter Moers — they all tied and I seriously couldn’t choose. So I decided to go with four since they are definitely my TOP four. They’ve influenced my reading habits, my own writing, and in some cases, my life.

So, reader, who are your top four fantasy authors? Or top five or ten or twenty?


2 comments on “My Top Four Favorite Fantasy Authors

  1. Thanks for the great post, Emily.
    I’d be hard pressed to choose my favourite fantasy authors, there are so many. And, in all fairness, Tolkien shouldn’t be an option, becasue doesn’t he make everybody’s list? Where would fantasy be without him? So, in order to amke it a level playing field for other great authors to be included on similar lists, I sugget we assume Tolkien is number one and start from there, kind of like they leave the bible off the bestsellers lists.

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