Interview with sexy vampire…

Exclusive interview with Megan the deliciously sexy vampire from Freaking Wicked.

 Anonymous Interviewer—So tell us about your character Megan.

 Megan the vampire—Oh it is so fun to be Megan in this novel. Basically, I get to do whatever little evil desires come to mind.

 Question—So you get to run around and do whatever you want? Really?

 Megan the vampire—No—there is a plot to follow, but since I’m so stinking evilly cute, I get to deviate whenever I want—most of the time.

 Brian Poor Author—So you love your character. Is there anything you resent? I did write this as the guy’s answer to Twilight and it does channel back to the eighties where women—especially in movies—were portrayed as shallow eye-candy for the male stars.

Anonymous Interviewer—let me jump in an add that Brian has been accused of being a woman for the way he’s depicted women in his other novel’s—Megazaur 1 and 2. This was an extreme departure from those novels.

 Megan—LOL—you mean because I’m the eye-candy that Jack the werewolf feeds off to re-energize? I mean really? Isn’t that the ultimate male fantasy. A werewolf who feeds off sex instead of raw flesh. No, I do feel as if I’m one of the two main characters in this. I’m not just Jack’s helpless love-interest. I have an interesting moral conflict that I can really get into. I’m a vampire and I like to kill people, but then I feel guilty about that because I want to be the good girl—I think I am. That gives me a lot to play off of and motivate me without going to crazy and bogging down the fun and light hearted tone of pure fun pacing. I think Brian managed to strike the perfect balance.

 Anonymous Interviewer—So you don’t mind being the sex object of the—purely written for guys—werewolf?

 Megan—I don’t see written myself like that. Brian made me equal partners with Jack. When I’m not saving his ass he’s saving mine. And when you talk about this being a throw-back to the eighties—Brian gave me some great one-liners. My favorite is, “I’m going all evil on somebodies ass.” LOL. I also loved they way he wrote some of my scenes. I jump out of a moving truck with Big Dork, get a hole blown in me that takes out my a chunk of my spine—but I’m pissed about my shirt being ruined. Loved it. And Jack needs me to keep calm—to keep from going out of control in a werewolf fury.

 Brian Poor Author—The vampire rage that just won’t die in popularity plays around with the traditional myths set down with Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I did depart from them too. Care to comment on that?

 Megan—You were fair I think and at times poking fun in a good natured way at those departures. I can walk around in sunlight but it makes me cranky. I have to kill the people I suck by pulling their heads off…etc. Your played with the myths in away I think was fair because I really can’t be on this CIA sanctioned special-op team with the restrictions the myths lay out. But you do honor them. Stakes and garlic won’t kill me—but if my body is too damaged to regenerate—I’m a dead girl. I’m kind of curious about the reaction from readers. Some rules you explain but others you don’t—you try to show the reader our powers and their limitations in the action.

 Anonymous Interviewer—All the other character’s backgrounds are alluded to but not yours. We get the whole back-story. What makes you special?

 Megan—Only Brian knows, but my guess is that since there are at least three novels planned, He’s going to put one in each novel. I got the honors of being first because my back-story plays heavily on the plot and the ending.

 Anonymous Interviewer—If he only plans three and there is four of you and a fifth to be added to the next novel via a reader poll—who gets left out?

 Megan—My vote is for Big Dork. I couldn’t imagine an interesting back-story about him. LOL.

 Brian Poor Author—Actually it’ll be Jack.

 Megan—Why Jack? He has that whole smuggling background.

 Brian Poor Author—Because…


 There has been an apparent terrorist attack at Sandy Point Amusement Park, located in Sandusky Ohio. A large explosion has destroyed most of the amusement park. Casualties are unknown at this time, but lost of life is presumed to be severe. The National Guard and local police have blocked off all roads going into and coming from Sandusky. They ask that anyone who has family members and friends, PLEASE restrain from trying to come to Sandusky until further notice. The town is under Quarantine and we do not know if that is because the Terrorist suspects are hiding in the city or this other dangers associated with the attack.

 This News Station has received unconfirmed reports via You-tube and FaceBook that the park had experienced some sort of chemical attack before the explosion.

 Stay tuned as we will bring you more information as soon as we develop it. We will now let you return to your regularly scheduled program.

 Brian Poor—I’m sorry this interview had to be terminated in light of that News Report. Megan had to leave immediately for Washington D.C.



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