We Interrupt These Introductions…

Including today, there are only three post days left in the first round on Guild of Dreams, which were all supposed to be an opportunity for the regular contributors to introduce themselves. Adam is up Saturday and Joshua on Monday.

So why are you posting today, Bruce? We already heard about the sappy love songs you wrote when you were six.

Hey, there’s no reason to get nasty; I’m not trying to usurp anyone’s intro, I’m just filling in.

When I decided to put the Guild together, my intention was to have a nice cross-section of authors and

No, that’s not Rachel…her crossbow is bigger.

fantasy sub-genres represented so we might offer something for the majority of fantasy readers, the people for whom we intend the blog. Unfortunately, Rachel Hunter, a very talented writer and the youngest of our group, has had to pull out because of other commitments. Hopefully, she will join us eventually, and I will certainly hit her up for a guest post or two in the meantime. No matter what happens, we all wish Rachel the best.

I was excited to have Rachel’s point of view included on the site. At the tender age of 19 (not much older than my son), I knew she would add a perspective that many of the rest of us here could no longer provide (read between the lines: we’re old. Well, older than Rachel, anyway). Many has been the time I’ve wished to be in her position: still in my teens and too busy with my writing to take on anything else.


But this does bring up another subject: writing is hard work.

Everyone has seen those “what people think I do/what I really do” memes floating around Facebook. Well, here’s the truth: writing isn’t just about writing anymore, especially for the independent author. Some of our other duties include: editing, rewriting, cover design, formatting, and promotion. That last one is the biggy. I do most of my promo through Facebook and Twitter, and it can easily take up two hours or more a day if I let it. Add in Goodreads, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and more other social media sites than I care or have time to list here (does anyone still use MySpace?), and you can see how quickly it can get out of control. Did I mention blogging? You have to have your own; you do guest posts; then some jerk asks if you want to contribute to a collective site (after Steven Montano agreed to be a part of the Guild, I was shocked to find out he already blogs four times/week! How does that guy find time to write those great books of his?).

Not Rachel, either..

That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? On top of all that, we all have lives. To the best of my knowledge, no one on this site writes full-time to support themselves (yet). As is the case with many of your favourite writers, we have jobs, school, families, commitments. Writing–our passion, the thing we love–gets fit into the cracks of time in our lives whenever we can eke out a few minutes. We get up early, stay up late, learn to type with one hand while eating a sandwich/drinking a coffee with the other. We write on the bus on the way to work, we plot in the shower, we sneak snippets of dialogue from the people in the coffee shop as we write our blogs and update out status. We all wish it was more, but we take what we can get. We do it because we love it; we do it because we have to; and, most of all, we do it for you.

And you can help. If there’s an author you like, follow them on Twitter, friend them on Facebook, do whatever they call it on LinkedIn, then share, retweet, pass along whatever they’re up to, their blogs, their promos. Become part of their success. Every time I see someone has retweeted something of mine, it warms my heart (and I think a fairy gets its wings, too). Every little bit helps.

So good luck, Rachel. We understand. And we’ll see you soon.

3 comments on “We Interrupt These Introductions…

  1. I love Rachel. She always sends me funny cat pictures on Facebook. 🙂 ❤

    Like you said, Bruce, writing isn't primarily what all of us do. I'm in the lucky (and some could say unfortunate) position of being one of those 'full-time writers,' and while it's so enjoyable to be able to do what I love, it's a lot of work — a lot more than what people normally take into consideration.

    Great post, Bruce, and I hope to see you here sometimes, Rachel!

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